SINCE 1920

Memory and tradition
from the heart of Italy

In the green heart of Italy, the tradition of Mannetti durum wheat semolina pasta lives and breathes again. Here, among the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, the memories of a long food and wine tradition come to life and porosity.

Amarcord: a timeless pasta

What Mannetti pasta gives you is a dynamic experience, an amarcord that crosses the mountains of the Central Apennines and travels beyond all space and time, rediscovering the flavours of a past that is still present in our memories. An excursion of flavours into the heart of Lazio's traditions, a journey like the one to be made in a shop that stimulates and satisfies the emotional memory and allows you to tickle the palates of your restaurant's customers.

Nestled between Antrodoco and Amatrice, Mannetti is a well-established organic company, dedicated to preserving of its Biodistrict.


The historic pasta from Antrodoco and Amatrice

All the fullness of tradition, in a rough and porous 100% Made in Italy durum wheat semolina pasta, dried slowly at low temperature, with an exclusive line dedicated to shops. The choice of the superior grains gives an extraordinary taste to dishes, masterfully combining and enhancing even typical recipes from the Lazio region.


The security of who
guarantees the best

We have the experience of a large company that has been in the sector for years with certified food production.
The MANNETTI pasta from Antrodoco and Amatrice can boast the recognition of the PAT (Traditional Agro-Food Product) regional mark of quality awarded by the Lazio Region for traditional and niche products that enhance local specialities.
With the Retail Line of ORGANIC durum wheat semolina pasta, we guarantee and certify the use of the best raw materials, and natural and safe ingredients, processed with a strictly artisanal method.